15.9% reduction in road costs for forestry company

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There are massive pay offs when you think outside of the box!

By adding PolyCom Stabilising Aid, TPMS cut the metal requirements by a massive 54.2% over their standard pavement design, decreasing the build costs of this 3.2km by 15.9% and saving three days of standard construction time.

Last year (May 2020), TAML Forestry of Hawera, South Taranaki approached Total Pavement Maintenance Systems Ltd (TPMS) to upgrade some forestry roads in a remote part of Taranaki, New Zealand. The task was to work with the onsite roading contractor to improve the dry strength of the clay sub-grade and save metal costs by adding PolyCom Stabilising Aid to a recently completed road lining project. The cost of getting metal to this remote site was crippling and a more cost-effective way was needed moving forward. The road was to be stabilised to a depth of 200mm.

The savings to the forestry company have been significant; 105 less truck and trailer movements, 90% less maintenance over two wet Taranaki winters and significant savings in construction.

For full details on the roading project specs and results, click here. More information can also be found here.

Source: TPMS

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