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HarvestTECH News is a brand-new platform for regular communication and networking amongst harvesting contractors, harvest planners, wood transport operators, forestry managers, forest owners and equipment and technology providers across New Zealand and Australia.

This monthly newsletter provides updates on breaking news, research and trial results, reports, videos, information on new technology and equipment, reports on smart operating practices and links of use to wood harvesting and transport operations across New Zealand and Australia. The first edition was launched in mid 2019.

Why was it set up? 

Support and feedback from contractors during and after recent HarvestTECH events run by the Forest Industry Engineering Association (FIEA) has been overwhelming. Record turnouts have been recorded with events being sold out well in advance of them running. Feedback from event delegates, sponsors and exhibitors told us that future FIEA events covering wood harvesting, log scaling, log segregation and loading, wood transport, logistics and data management across the wood supply chain should be run under the umbrella of the well-established and supported HarvestTECH brand.

What’s more, the HarvestTECH platform should be used to provide regular monthly communications to those involved in wood harvesting and getting the wood from the forest to the port or the processing plant. The monthly newsletter complements the two very popular weekly e-newsletters, and, as well as the monthly industry magazines already being produced for those working within the forest.

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To always ensure we are providing the best content to our readers, we welcome contributions and comments to the stories posted. Please feel free to send us new articles, videos, reports and press releases that you think may be of interest to our readers.

While we do want to promote local and international content and experts, it is also important that we provide the right balance and depth in the stories - this includes minimising or removing, where possible, sales pitches. A good story could be a detailed case study, new technology, research, discussion on issues, or industry news. It could also be, as an example, tips on improving maintenance schedules, logistics, harvesting, etc.

Please send any stories, comments or suggestions to Brent Apthorp,

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