Digital transformation in the fibre volume measurement

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The current pandemic made clear, once again, that digital transformation is one of the most relevant matters in the industry, and the forestry industry is not free of this challenge.

In the last few years, the leading companies in the forestry industry have incorporated technologies into their supply chain, specifically in their wood fibre measurement processes. One of the pioneering systems in this field is Logmeter, developed by Woodtech.

By capturing reality in 3D with several lasers placed in a portal, Logmeter estimates accurately and automatically the solid volume and the logs’ biometric characteristics in real time. The load measurement takes less than 2 minutes and is carried out directly on the moving trucks, measuring 100% of the trucks arriving at the mill.

Accessing this accurate, online, and real-time information, allows for more comprehensive operational management in critical aspects, such as, verifying at front if the arriving logs meet the expected quality of the purchase, the efficiency in the use of cargo and traceability of stocks and inventories.

“With more than ten years of experience, and a process of innovation and continuous improvement, our technology provides solutions to specific needs of our clients according to the markets in which they operate. To respond to a client request in the Uruguay market, we recently incorporate the Archimedes measurement variables to the Logmeter, allowing both methodologies to complement each other” Woodtech CEO, Carlos Bussinger, said.

Similarly, the Executive said, Logmeter can easily integrate to the client systems – for example ERP – contributing to the client’s digital transformation.

In addition, Logmeter operates automatically with no operator intervention, which enables it to contribute to the industry’s occupational safety challenges.

“In less than 2 minutes, Logmeter measures every truck arriving to the mill”, Carlos Bussinger, CEO of Woodtech.

Forico experience

Forico is one of the leading companies among the forestry industry that incorporates the Logmeter into its operations in Tasmania. The decision is part of a transformation strategy in the fibre trading. Forico proposed to incorporate the drying of timber at the start of its supply chain, for which it was necessary to move from the traditional metric tonnes measurements to cubic metres.

“We developed teamwork with Forico, surveying all the variables to make Logmeter achieve the client’s objectives. The result is that Logmeter became a critical piece of infrastructure that allowed Forico to meet its goals”, CEO of Woodtech explained.

Nowadays, Logmeter operations can be found in Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, United States of America, and Australia.

Logmeter Benefits

  • Fairtrade with wood suppliers
  • Evaluate wood quality before purchasing it
  • Estimated log yard inventory based on 50% to 70% of the purchased logs
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Improve lumber production while managing timber information


Woodtech was founded more than 10 years ago in Chile.  In all these years we have focused our technological development on the industrial sector, especially the forestry industry. We like to work closely with our clients, understand their needs in the field and respond with solutions that add value to their processes.

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