Distractions slow your reactions campaign underway

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Forestry Corporation of NSW kicked off 2019 with a series of safety campaigns and workshops to put safety first after the holiday break. The Safe Start campaign was targeted at forestry drivers, operators and staff to help everyone make the transition back to work.

The campaign focused on two key driver risks – fatigue and distractions, said Forestry Corporation Haulage and Sales Manager, Tijmen Klootwijk. “After a restful break, it can be a challenge getting your body clock back in order, so we have started the year with a safety focus,” Mr Klootwijk said.

“This year we also raised awareness to the growing risk of driver distraction. Our slogan of ‘distractions slow your reactions’ is a reminder of the need to plan your trip and minimise distractions in the vehicle.”

Three workshops were also held around Bathurst and Oberon with Forestry Corporation staff and harvesting contractors to reinforce the dangers of working in the bush. This year’s workshops had a theme of ‘where are your feet?’, said Harvesting and Roading Manager Dan Kirby.

“The workshops are a vital step in making the transition from holidays to the workplace, with January a high-risk time for accidents,” Mr Kirby said. “The idea behind the workshops is to start the year with our eyes and minds open to the risks of working in the bush”.

“In reviewing incidents last year, there were a lot relating to machine rollovers and human slips and trips – they all happened in ‘safe’ areas, not hazardous ones. “They all came down to inattention to what was underfoot; whether that be the foot of a machine or a person.”

Forestry Corporation was very pleased with the support for the safety campaigns. “Forestry Corporation and our contractors are all on the same page when it comes to worker safety,” Mr Kirby said. “At the end of the day, we all want the same thing; for people working in our forests getting home healthy and without incident.”

To find out more about Forestry Corporation’s health and safety programs, visit www.forestrycorporation.com.au

Image: Forestry Corporation’s Softwood General Manager Mike Beardsell (right) handing a ‘distraction slows your reaction’ drink bottle to Mark Grech (Operations Manager of Crawford Freightlines in Oberon)

Source: Forestry Corporation of NSW

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