Dyneema rope testing for load restraint

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A recent project undertook load restraint testing to ascertain the engineering qualities of Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE e.g. Dyneema®) rope as an effective mean of load restraint for industry and to continue to collect data to build on previous load restraint testing. The overall intent of the load restraint testing was to refine existing load restraint methods to improve feasibility of compliant systems.

To read more about the testing, results and to see the full report click here.

AFCA would like to thank and acknowledge those who contributed their time and resources to allow the testing to be undertaken including: Forico, Sustainable Timbers Tasmania, Forest Centre (Aust) Pty Ltd and ANC Forestry. A particular thanks also to AFCA Member, Orana Enterprises Pty Ltd, who hosted the testing, coordinated the equipment and assisted with the testing on the two days and Forest and Wood Products Australia who funded the project.

Source & Photo: Australian Forestry Contractors Association

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