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This year, well over 250 forestry and log transport delegates from companies across Australasia, North and South America and Europe met up in Rotorua, New Zealand. The occasion? The long overdue Wood Transport & Logistics 2023 conference, workshops and exhibitions.

With so much effort going into larger transport companies decarbonising their fleets and innovation and early adoption of electric, hydrogen and dual-fuel hybrid technologies by log transport operators in this part of the world, the Rotorua venue, inside and outside (see images from 2023) was packed. The place was humming.

Feedback from speakers, delegates and exhibitors from the 2023 event overwhelmingly were looking for another technology update in 2024. The drivers? The sheer pace of change with new and emerging technologies, the operational and commercial trials underway by local heavy transport fleets and the rapid deployment of this technology into forests and wood cartage operations all meant another industry get-together was being sought – one year on.

And, we’re delivering. Wood Transport & Logistics 2024 is planned to run in Rotorua, New Zealand on 22-23 May 2024.

Pace of change dramatic:

The uptake of electric vehicles into heavy transport operations is really picking up speed. The global electric truck market was valued at US$728 million in 2022. Between 2023 and 2032, the electric truck market is estimated to show a compound annual growth rate of 31.3 % and will reach US$11.08 billion over this time.

Electric trucks are replacing diesel trucks. In many countries, a raft of government initiatives and financial assistance are promoting their adoption. Market growth is being spurred on by rising demand for logistics services, lower fuel costs, and maintenance expenses. Moreover, there are incentives to use zero-emission vehicles. As well as new battery technologies, the development of automated battery swapping hubs and the roll out of charging infrastructure across the country is also encouraging the switch from diesel to electric.

Hydrogen and dual fuel hybrid trucks likewise have been out on local roads. Larger fleet operators are upgrading and transitioning their fleets. High-capacity hydrogen refuelling sites across multiple regions have also recently been set up to service these new trucks.

Along with rapid advances being made in log transport fuelling options, significant advancements in just 12 months have been made in truck convoy platooning, single-vehicle autonomous operations, off-road AV driving technology, systems for log measurement and new log transport safety initiatives. Improved connectivity being rolled out for more remote sites has also led to unprecedented innovation being seen in moving logs through the wood supply chain. And recently, the new fuelling technologies are also moving up the wood supply chain, into wood harvesting machines out in the forest.

Planned format for Wood Transport & Logistics 2024As part of the revolution to move forest harvesting and log transport operations towards a low emissions future, a raft of new innovations and results from commercial and operational trials across Australasia are now ready to be shared. Wood Transport & Logistics in May 2024 will again be providing that independent platform for local businesses.

Early Expressions of Interest to present:

If interested in presenting next May, early expressions of interest are being sought from log haulage companies, forest companies, equipment and technology suppliers, researchers … If keen, or looking for further information on Wood Transport & Logistics 2024, please contact FIEA Director, Brent Apthorp on brent.apthorp@fiea.org.nz

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