HarvestTECH News | Issue 26

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Welcome to the latest issues of HarvestTECH.News.

As 2021 comes to a close, it’s been a year where Covid-19 has once again dominated the headlines, disrupted supply chains and threatened business as usual. However, it has also been a boom for many within the forestry industry, as increased domestic construction and reopening of international trade has seen timber in high demand. In addition, climate change has become a key political issue worldwide and will be a massive opportunity for our industry going forward.

For HarvestTECH News, here are the 5 top stories for 2021:

  1. New cradle containers revolutionise log transport
  2. Digital transformation in the fibre volume measurement
  3. Log exports to drop by more than a third
  4. Methyl bromide rules reset
  5. Worksafe trucking induction video

This month, we cover a number of new technologies, including Volvo remote operating a loader over 5G, a world-first wireless system for advanced bucking and the uptake of electric vehicles within the mining industry. We also feature stories on international log markets, the largest log vessel ever to load within Australasia and finally, well-deserved recognition to Dr Glen Murphy who has worked alongside forest managers, contractors and many across the wood supply chain for his recent achievement with a major award from the Council on Forest Engineering (COFE).

This will be the last HarvestTECH News issue for 2021 and we will be back in February 2022. Enjoy your Christmas break – if one is being taken – and thank you for your support and input over this last year.

Check out these stories and much more below. Enjoy this month’s issue.

Remember, please send through any stories or video you want us to pass onto the wider wood harvesting and log transport community. 

Stories this issue:

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