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Welcome to the latest issues of HarvestTECH.News.

While electric vehicles are still a way off for the sector, technology is rapidly improving and there are numerous electric heavy vehicle trials underway around the world. This month we have a must-see video on the first electric Volvo truck working in Australia – and how these vehicles are the future. Here’s one of the driver’s comments, “When I Hop out of the truck, I don’t hear engine noise and I don’t have the fumes.”

With engine power and technology no longer a major barrier to adopting electric vehicles, installing a nationwide charging network definitely is. It took Europe 10 years to build a network of 400,000 chargers. They now estimate they need to install at least 500,000 every year until 2030 – and many, many more afterwards.

Digitalisation is another disruptive technology that, over the last decade, has changed the way our industry operates. PF Olsen and Assura Software have come out with an informative video on their move to a digital system for health and safety, data capture and management out in the forest. You can check out other video resources in HarvestTECH’s Video Showcase

In this month’s issue, we also cover the labour and skills shortage in New Zealand forestry, a new report on North Marlborough’s debris flow and landslide risk and the success of a new silviculture mentoring programme developed by the NZ Forest and Wood Processing Workforce Taskforce. 

Check out these stories and much more below. Enjoy this month’s issue.

Remember, please send through any stories or video you want us to pass onto the wider wood harvesting and log transport community. 

Stories this issue:

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