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Welcome to the latest issues of HarvestTECH.News.

Next month we’ll be hosting this region’s largest wood transport and logistics industry event, Wood Transport and Logistics 2023.

This is timely and is a must-attend event (conference, exhibitions & workshops) bringing together industry leaders and innovators to discuss the latest trends, challenges and explore the cutting-edge solutions that are transforming the log transport industry. Electric, hydrogen and hybrid heavy transport, automation and platooning, log scaling and measurement technologies, wood scheduling and logistics. Already registrations tell us that this is going to be a large turnout of forestry companies and transport operators from across Australasia.

In this edition of HarvestTECH News, we’ll be covering:

In this edition of HarvestTECH.News, we’ll be covering a range of exciting stories, including:

  • The debate around the use of slash traps in forestry operations, weighing the potential benefits of reducing soil compaction against concerns around increased damage to remaining trees and other negative impacts on forest ecosystems.
  • The development of electric semi-trucks in the forestry industry, highlights their potential to reduce emissions, increase efficiency, and potential to transform the way we transport wood products.
  • Issues surrounding the phasing out of native logging in Victoria, Australia.
  • John Deere’s charitable donation of US$50,000 to the New Zealand Red Cross to support the ongoing disaster recovery efforts.
  • Use of high-resolution aerial imagery to assess the damage caused by Cyclone Gabrielle, and how this technology is enabling more efficient disaster response efforts and helping to mitigate the impacts of natural disasters.
  • A Teletrac Navman survey of more than 1,800 global fleet operators has revealed that rising fuel costs (39%), disruption due to the impact of COVID-19 (32%), and supply chain pressure (31%), are the top challenges they currently face.
  • An update on NZ’s log market, including an increase in prices, a shortage of logs and an uptick in China’s demand.
  • NZ’s WIDE Trust has launched an international study tour grant to give participants the opportunity to gain valuable insights into trends, technologies, and practices used within the global forestry sector.
  • Innovative use of mobile log scaling technology at the Port of Tauranga in New Zealand, which is enabling faster and more accurate log measurements, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

So, sit back, grab a drink, and join us as we delve into the latest news and developments in the world of wood harvesting and log transport.

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