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Welcome to the latest issues of HarvestTECH.News.

The last couple of months has changed the face of the planet. COVID-19 has highlighted just how exposed we are to viral pandemics and how interconnected the global economy is. There are some positive signs though. Both the New Zealand and Australian Governments have responded to the crisis perhaps better than other countries. We’re hopeful that shortly we’ll be in a position to slowly reopen our economies.

While there are welcome signs, COVID-19 will still be the new normal for many months to come.

Even with changes happening almost daily, we’re pleased to announce the annual Forest Safety & Technology 2020 conference is still being run – in June – and this time – in a new digital format. The new program is running on the 16th and 18th June 2020 and can be viewed online now. Everyone has been fully behind the move and the new format will allow New Zealand, Australian and international forest companies and contractors to participate.

In stories in this month’s issue, we cover Daimler Truck AG and Volvo Group who are joining forces to commercialise new hydrogen fuel cell technology for large and long-range trucks. It’s clear that electric vehicles are the future and a combination of fuel cells with hydrogen energy storage could fast track this tech for heavy vehicles.

It looks like Canada are going all-in for electronic logging of commercial vehicles to keep track of the drivers’ hours behind the wheel. Logging truck and haulage operators will be required to upgrade their systems before June 2021, especially if they are still using traditional paper-based logging systems.

Other highlights include a new harvester head from Ponsse, the appointment of NZ dealers for John Deere and the announcement of Jen Bengtsson as the new CEO of Komatsu Forest AB.

That’s it for this month. Remember to send through any contributions, stories or links that we can pass onto the wider wood harvesting and transport community. Stay safe and we look forward to perhaps better news in a month’s time.

Check out all the articles below and enjoy this month’s issue.

Stories this issue:

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