HarvestTECH 2021 Programme

The HarvestTECH 2021 programme has pulled together leading experts from around the world. Please note that:

Two Main Themes

The first day, Tuesday 13 April 2021 will cover log measurement and scaling, wood transport and logistics. This theme was originally going to be run as a stand-alone two-day event in 2020 but had to be postponed because of COVID-19. The second day, Wednesday 14 April 2021 will be focussed on innovations around mechanised harvesting operations and technologies and operating practices aimed at improving the sustainability of wood harvesting operations.

Forest Safety & Technology 2021

On the first day of the two-day HarvestTECH 2021 event, the very popular Forest Safety & Technology 2021 event will also be running in an adjacent room. This enables those that missed out on a physical event in May 2020 to attend (during lockdown an on-line webinar series was instead run). It also ensures maximum interaction of forestry managers, harvesting contractors and log transport operators from both conferences at the one venue.

Virtual Online Event

Because of the current uncertainty that still surrounds the virus with travel and border restrictions, the event will be run only in Rotorua, New Zealand. An on-line or virtual programme will also be run for international delegates that may in April 2021 be unable to travel into New Zealand.


Tuesday 13 April 2021

Wood Transport, Log Measurement & Scaling, Wood Flow Logistics
Timezone: NZDT

Welcome & Introduction



Keynote Address: Effectively Managing your Supply Chain

Technology changes impacting on just how your business and operations might run.

Graeme Muller, Chief Executive Officer, NZTech

Session 1: Disruptive Technologies Reshaping the Wood Supply Chain

Managing Wood Haulage Operations in Brazil

Challenges and solutions being employed by Suzano, the world’s largest eucalyptus pulp producer and owner of the largest eucalyptus plantations in Brazil

Angelo Moura, Operational Development, Suzano, Brazil (live remote OR live)


Virtual and Augmented Reality

Taking disruptive technologies out of the lab and operationally, out into the forest

Stephan Hoffmann, School of Forestry, University of Canterbury (live or live remote) & Thomas Purfürst, Professor and Head of Chair of Forest Operations, Faculty of Environment and Natural Science, University of Freiburg/Germany (remote)


TECH Showcase

Short presentations on new product innovations


The Lean Wood Supply System

A new log load carrier system that automates the cartage and tracking of logs from harvest through to the processing operation or port

Lennart Olving/Maria Drott, Green Wood Logistics AB, Sweden (Pre-recorded)


Lunch & Networking

Session 2: Advances & Innovations in Automated Measurement, Log Scaling, and Tracking

Digitising Log Measurements on Truck and Tracking Shipments through the Wood Supply Chain

Recent trials and operational use of the technologies in Europe and with Chile’s major pulp and paper company, CMPC

Martin Kambla, Chief Technology Officer, and Co-Founder, Timbeter, Estonia (pre-recorded OR live)


COM3TS: A new automated system for Australasian mobile log scaling operation

Gavin Hudson, COO, C3 NZ and Pederson Group


Automated Volumetric Measurements of Truckloads and Log Piles

Results from recent operational trials using laser, photogrammetry and stereoscopic sensing technologies in Australia

Mauricio Acuna, Senior Research Fellow, FIRC/AFORA - University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia (live remote OR live)


A World Log Scaling First: The development and roll out of automated robotic log scaling solutions

Steve Saunders, Chairman & Founder, Robotics Plus


Replacing Paper Log Dockets across the Log Supply Chain

Lessons from implementing a new system of electronic log docketing across a forestry business

Nigel Brabyn, Process Improvement Leader, OneFortyOne


Afternoon Tea & Networking

Session 3: Innovative Systems to Better Integrate Planning, Operations, Harvesting and Wood Transport

Harnessing Data to Drive Business Decisions

A new virtual intelligence tool turning 10 years of collected data to more effectively drive port and customer efficiencies

Jan Augustyn, Head of Business Improvement, C3


Don’t Just Stop at the Dockets - think Digital Ecosystem

Tracking wood supplies from forest compartment to customer location (mill, port). Case studies of local implementation

Grant Hull, CEO LOGR, Australia & OneFortyOne, Green Triangle Forest Products and Timberlands Pacific (live remote OR live)


A Paperless Exchange – from Harvest to Delivery

Case study of recent implementation across a major North Island log haulage operation

Campbell Gilmour, Eastern Group General Manager, Pacific Haulage/Williams & Wilshier & David Joll, General Manager, Trimble Forestry Logistics


Tall Timber & Tall Tales

Paul Mahoney, NZ Logging Historian


Drinks, Refreshments & Networking


Wednesday 14 April 2021

Innovations in Mechanised Harvesting Operations and Technologies

Timezone: NZDT


Welcome & Introduction



Weiler Forestry now in NZ

How a family owned business with a long-standing history of successfully manufacturing purpose-built equipment has expanded its reach “down under.

Bill Hood, Vice President, Weiler Forestry, USA (live remote OR live)

Session 4: Advancements in Mechanised Harvesting & Steep Slope Felling Technologies

Smart Technology

Niko Solopuro, Product Marketing Manager for CTL Products and Automation, John Deere Forestry & Matt Flood, Product Marketing Manager, Precision Forestry, John Deere Forestry, USA (live remote)


Automated Grapple & Hauler Control:Results from recent in-forest trials

Speakers to be announced


Mechanised Felling & Extraction using T-Winch Traction Assist

Case study of a Northland ground-based harvesting operation moving to steeper terrain.

Peter Davies Colley, Owner/Operator, The Tree People & Ian Wilton, Business Director, FORCO


Teleforest’s Self-Propelled Carriage Cable Yarding System

Early results from Northland harvesting operations

Frank O’Meara - Teleforest (NZ)


Maximising the Benefits of Mechanical Log Processing

A case study using 120,000 logs drawn from 27 harvesting crews from across the central North Island.

Thornton Campbell, Woodflow and Distribution Scheduler, Hancock Forest Management


Winch-assist Machine Developments and Productivity Measures from New Zealand and Canadian Operations

Results from recent winch assist skidder and forwarder studies.

Cameron Leslie, Forest Manager


TECH Showcase

Short presentations on new product innovations.


Lunch & Networking

Session 5: Ensuring the Sustainability of our Wood Harvesting Operations

Technologies and environmental best practices in harvest planning, roading and stream crossing design and management of harvest residues.


A New System for Merchantable Volume Assessments

Drone data collection, AI and post-harvest analysis using VR. Opportunities for assessing cutover residues on steeper terrain..

David Herries, GM, Interpine Group


Managing Harvesting Residues on Steeper Slopes

Quantifying the volume and distribution of post-harvest residues. Early recommendations for slash management guidelines and future management.

Campbell Harvey, PHD Student/Researcher, School of Forestry, University of Canterbury


Using Data Collected from Truck Mounted Lidar for the Construction and Surfacing of Forest Roads

Fernando Paredes, Chief of Productivity and Quality of Forest Operations, Forestal Mininco, Chile (live remote)


Observations from the 2018 Tolaga Bay Storm

A review on debris flow triggers and the effectiveness of different types of slash catch catchers. Thoughts for current and future debris flow mitigations.

Andy Costello, Harvest Planning Manager, Aratu Forests


Extracting Slash from Waterways in High Risk Erosion Prone Steepland Forests

Results from recent trials using the HeliHawk slash grapple.

Ron Parker, Managing Director, HeliHawk


Meeting more Restrictive Requirements for Stream Crossings during Harvesting

Building in low profile-low level crossings to an East Coast forestry operation.

Andy Costello, Harvest Planning Manager, Aratu Forests & Craig Langsford, Engineer, Bridge It NZ


Supply Chain Innovation & Optimisation R&D

Application of advanced sensors into harvesting operations and log identification and tracking technologies

Dr Glen Murphy, Project Leader, Forest Growers Research


Conference wrap-up


Conference Concludes

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