HVP selects Trimble Forestry for paperless ticketing

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HVP, Australia’s largest private timber plantation company, with 240,000 ha in production, has partnered with Trimble Forestry to implement a paperless ticketing solution to help address safety concerns presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. The companies worked together to transfer a system that was reliant on paper ticket exchanges into a seamless, paperless exchange from harvest to delivery. Digital transactions are more efficient and provide additional safety for employees and colleagues throughout the supply chain.

About HVP

Melbourne-based HVP is one of Australia’s largest private timber plantation companies. The company is owned by a combination of Australian, Canadian, and US superannuation and investment funds. HVP Plantations estate is situated across areas of southern Victoria, extending from Gippsland in the east to the border with South Australia in the west and large plantations in the northeast of the state. The total area of land managed by HVP equates to over 240,000 ha. About 165,000ha of this land is pine and eucalypt plantation.

About Trimble’s Forestry Division

Trimble’s Forestry Division offers SaaS and enterprise software to improve the productivity and sustainability of the world’s most recognized integrated forest product companies, forest managers, conservation organizations, government departments, finished product manufacturers, and the partners that connect the global forest supply chain. Trimble’s Connected Forest™ solutions manage the full raw materials lifecycle of planning, planting, growing, harvesting, transporting, and processing.

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