ISO logs onto new technology

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There’s some high-tech wizardry taking place as this ISO Limited log shuttle heads through the company’s log yard at Port Taranaki.

We’re thrilled ISO is supporting the growing export log trade at our port by installing a new Auto Tally Shed (ATS) on-site, which uses 18 high-resolution cameras to detect and scan log barcodes and automatically count the logs as they are being moved from the log yard to the vessel.

Designed and built in-house by the ISO Technology team, the cutting-edge technology provides greater safety, efficiency, and accuracy, and supports the Ministry for Primary Industries’ phytosanitary standards for exporting.

“It takes approximately 8-12 minutes to scan logs manually, but this improved process takes only a matter of seconds. So this improves safety and increases efficiency as it removes the need for people to access trailers and manually scan each log,” says ISO Limited chief operating officer Andrew Davies.

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