John Deere ends Cable Price agreement

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John Deere Construction & Forestry and Cable Price (NZ) Limited end distribution agreement in New Zealand. John Deere Construction & Forestry and Cable Price (NZ) Limited (CPL) agreed to end their distribution arrangement of Deere branded and manufactured construction, forestry, and compact machinery in New Zealand. As the joint businesses expanded over the years, so have each company’s priorities in various markets around the globe.

“John Deere Construction & Forestry Company (Deere) and Hitachi Construction Machinery (Hitachi) have a long and successful global partnership spanning multiple continents and product lines,” said Dan Fitzpatrick, global director of construction & forestry sales outside of the Americas. “This partnership served both companies well and supported each company’s global growth over the multi- decade relationship. Over the course of the next five months Deere and Cable Price will work together to execute a seamless transition of business to John Deere newly appointed construction and forestry dealers in New Zealand.”

John Deere plans to announce its new dealers for the New Zealand market in the coming weeks with a full transition of business scheduled for July 1, 2020. “John Deere and Cable Price committed to working together to ensure this transition has minimal impact on customers’ access to machines, parts, and/or service,” said Fitzpatrick.

“Similarly, John Deere and Cable Price are committed to smoothly transitioning customers who have existing agreements and service contracts with Cable Price. We believe this change in distribution will allow both companies to increase focus on their respective brands and provide a world class experience to John Deere customers across New Zealand.”

The changes announced in this press release have no impact on Deere and Hitachi’s partnerships or distribution arrangements outside of New Zealand.

Image: John Deere

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