John Deere: New felling head for steep slopes

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With the continued growth of the steep slope machine felling, John Deere has announced its new large-class directional felling head, the FL100. The new model provides customers with a larger, more durable directional felling head solution.

“Our customers are continuing to tackle more challenging terrain, and we want to provide reliable, durable equipment that is designed to meet their unique needs. As they seek purpose-built equipment for their operations, the FL100 will allow them to efficiently and safely fell in both unique steep slopes and traditional felling applications,” said Jim O’Halloran from John Deere.

The robust, durable design of the new FL100 makes it ideal for steep slope, shovelling, and traditional felling applications. Featuring increased grip strength, grapple capacity and shovelling performance, the FL100’s grapple arm effectively handles both small and extra-large timber.

The increased durability of the FL100 reduces potential downtime in tough conditions, while allowing excellent access to maintenance and service points. Factory installed on the new John Deere 959ML machine, the FL100 offers the ideal solution for felling and manoeuvring timber in steep slope applications.

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