Komatsu launches new harvester for steeper terrain

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The Komatsu 951XC is a new harvester for final logging in steep terrain and on soft ground. The eight-wheel design, combined with the stable Komatsu concept, ensures a machine with great stability, excellent manoeuvrability, and low ground pressure. The Komatsu 951XC is also optimised for use with the Komatsu C164 – a harvester head specially designed for logging large trees – although it works just as well with a range of other heads.

The Komatsu 951XC is part of Komatsu Forest’s product series of machines specially designed for challenging conditions. The machine design is much like that of the Komatsu 951, although there are some differences. The Komatsu 951XC has the same wheel size as the 931XC, lending the machine a more compact design and giving the 951XC a total machine length that is shorter than that of the Komatsu 951.

The Komatsu 951XC has 242 kN of underlying tractive force and unique interaction between engine, control system and power transmission. The hydrostatic transmission enables engine power to be fully utilised, providing considerable advantages in difficult terrain as well as excellent climbing ability. This is much due to the machine’s large hydrostatic pump, which can maintain higher speeds at high tractive forces.

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