Leadership change at Tigercat

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Tigercat founder Ken MacDonald takes on the role of president, Tigercat Industries.

On August 2, 2022, Grant Somerville stepped away from his role as president of Tigercat Industries. The timing is related to Grant’s original intention to serve as president for a five-year term when he took on the role in 2017. Tigercat founder, Ken MacDonald has assumed the role of president.

“I wish to thank Grant for all of the contributions that he has made to our company during his entire 30 years with us,” says Ken. “I want to particularly recognize the leadership he provided during his presidency. He very capably steered us through and oversaw record production and sales volumes in 2019”.

“He then went on to lead our team through the incredibly trying last two and a half years during which we dealt with the COVID pandemic as well as the effects on our business related to the war in Ukraine. Despite these challenges, he took everything in stride and saw to it that we still managed to complete two major plant expansions and launch several new product lines.”

Grant will continue to serve the company as a director. In his new role, he will offer advice, and support various engineering initiatives focused on the development of new products and the improvement of existing products.

Photo: Grant Somerville (left), Ken MacDonald (right)

Source: Tigercat

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