Logging in a living technology laboratory

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A few years ago, American logger Eric Krume expressed some frustration that technology had not moved quickly enough to adapt to Pacific Northwest conditions and dynamics. A lot has changed since then. To address this, Eric constantly seeks technology with flexible solutions to suit the differing forest conditions his logging crews encounter from one setting to the next.

His inventiveness has led to his other business – equipment manufacturing through Summit Attachments for other loggers. In addition to other developments, Eric is now perfecting his latest innovation – a fully hydraulic 100-foot yarder for logging steep forests.

A constant thirst for new knowledge makes Eric an ideal choice as one of the keynote speakers at the two upcoming major wood harvesting events;

1. HarvestTECHX 2019 ( www.harvesttechx.events0 that runs in Vancouver, Canada on 12-13 March 2019, and

2. HarvestTECH 2019 ( www.harvesttech.events) that runs in Rotorua, New Zealand on 26-27 June 2019.

Eric isn’t afraid to take risks or share his knowledge. “A lot of people, including my competitors, come to see what I’m doing. I don’t mind so long as I’m getting some good, honest feedback from them,” he says.

While Eric enjoys the challenges inherent in the design and manufacture process, he prides himself on proving the technologies out in the forest with boots on the ground himself. Other loggers tend to get very interested in new ways to work when it is one of their own who makes a real breakthrough as they know it will be practical.

Krume Logging is now developing higher production potential of his hydraulic yarders, combining it with pre-bunching on steep slopes to increase grapple payloads and hence, productivity. Eric will be sharing his latest developments at the two harvesting events planned for 2019.

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