Midway officially opens wood fibre export plant

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Tasmania’s sustainable forestry sector is going from strength-to-strength with the official opening Tasmania’s newest wood fibre export facility at the Bell Bay Industrial Complex last week. The facility, owned by Midway Limited, will increase export capacity by up to 500,000 tonnes per annum and support jobs both onsite and in the field.

Midway Limited is Australia’s only listed wood fibre processor and exporter and has export facilities in Brisbane, Portland in the Green Triangle and now Bell Bay in northern Tasmania. Midway also manages a planation asset on the Tiwi Islands’ that export through the Port of Melville.

“The new facility employs the latest technology and is capable of processing range of high-quality wood fibre products to meet customer demands. Midway Tasmania also provides employment opportunities to the local area and secures the futures of forest contractors working in the local vicinity,’’ Minister Ellis said.

This investment is the result of five years of trialling sustainable thinning harvesting of native re-growth forests on Permanent Timber Production Zone land to provide a sustainable product which also meets customer demand and assists in growing high-quality sawlogs for the Tasmanian timber processing sector.

Source: Tasmanian Government

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