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Together with industry, the Forest Industry Engineering Association (FIEA) will be communicating much more regularly with harvesting contractors, harvest planners, wood transport operators, forestry managers, forest owners and equipment and technology providers across New Zealand and Australia. 

The HarvestTECH conference and exhibition that ran in June 2019 sold out well in advance of the event being run.  It was the largest gathering of its type ever seen in New Zealand.  Many of you were there.  In addition to most major New Zealand contractors attending, a large contingent came across from Australia, North and South America and SE Asia.  It well and truly established itself on the international stage.  Details on the action-packed two days can be found on 

Because of the huge support and excellent feedback from this event – and previous harvesting and wood transport events – the two-yearly Woodflow and Logistics event run by FIEA will now also be brought into the HarvestTECH brand in 2020.  Its focus will be on log scaling, log segregation and loading, wood transport, logistics and data integration through the wood supply chain.

HarvestTECH delegates over the years have suggested a platform for more regular communication and networking amongst themselves. They’d like to connect during the year as well as in and around the HarvestTECH events.  They’ve pointed to the HarvestTECH website as the logical tool or vehicle to make this happen.  This will complement the excellent monthly industry magazines that are already being produced for those working within the forest. 

We’re already doing this every month for forest resource managers and sawmilling and wood manufacturing companies across the region. and have come out of the very successful ForestTECH and WoodTECH events we run and were set up to improve communication between delegates and this particular part of each industry.

As well as the annual technology gatherings, the HarvestTECH website will now be used to provide you with the very latest updates on breaking news, research results, reports, videos, information on new technology and equipment, reports on smart operating practices and links which we hope you’ll find useful if involved in wood harvesting or getting the wood from the forest to the port or the processing plant.  It will be able to also link into weekly newsletters sent out to well over 10,000 subscribers, and

The service is being provided for you. It’s free. It’s also dependent though on your input and guidance. We’d be grateful for your contributions with news stories, leads, links, videos, along with results from recent research or trials.  This can be done online – or by emailing Any suggestions or recommendations on content or format, of course, will also be gratefully received.

So, we’re looking forward to bringing you monthly updates from here on in and adding to the success from the annual HarvestTECH events – wood harvesting and log transport – being run for local forestry, wood harvesting, log transport businesses. 

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