New suite of forestry qualifications launched

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As part of the NZQA-mandated five-yearly qualification review, the suite of New Zealand forestry qualifications spanning across forest harvesting and silviculture operations have been updated and officially launched.

Coverage of some new operations has been introduced to keep pace with technology and changes in the industry and ensure updates to health, safety, and environmental regulations are followed. This includes programmes for the operation of mobile cable yarders, mechanised thinning, and mechanised land preparation machines. Updates have also been made to ensure health and safety, and environmental regulations are followed.

The suite takes a focused and robust approach, with each of the qualifications made up of core units that cover foundation skills. This knowledge is built on as learners progress through the programmes and diversify into specialised strands. Most of the task-based learning that previously existed remains the same, but the programmes have been enhanced with the introduction of some of the more mechanised operations.

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