NZ forest roading update to international audience

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School of Forestry staff members Rien Visser and Campbell Harvey recently gave a presentation on “Forest Roads in NZ” to an international audience. The presentation includes an overview, details current construction practices, as well as highlights issues and research of forest roading. It was part of a Webinar series on ‘Forest Roads around the World’ coordinated by IUFRO (International Union of Forest Research Organizations).

The 45 min video presentation can be found here and is followed by 45min of questions and discussion from an international audience. It compliments presentations given on Forest Roads in Western North America, Europe, South Africa and Asia. These presentations can be found here.

A key point of difference was NZ’s over-arching ‘fit-for-purpose’ design approach in our plantation forests. This means aligning the road performance expectation to the harvest activity – both in terms of covering the cost of construction and also actual road standard.

Source: Rien Visser, School of Forestry

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