Pedersen Group unveils log debarking facility

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A reliable, environmentally friendly, and sustainable alternative to methyl bromide.

August 2021 saw the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announce revised regulations regarding the use of methyl bromide. Fumigation of logs and timber previously accounted for 94% of methyl bromide use in New Zealand.

Methyl bromide was used on above-deck cargo for export until 31 December 2021 at three of New Zealand’s largest and most northern ports, Marsden, Tauranga, and Napier. The changes imposed by the EPA left log exporters needing an alternative method to meet their phytosanitary requirements for above-deck cargo.

Pedersen Group and C3 Limited joined forces in 2018 to provide the forestry industry with a beginning-to-end solution under one umbrella. Pedersen Group has grown into the largest specialised provider of wood chipping and woodyard management services to pulp and paper mills in the region. It operates three facilities across New Zealand and Australia, handling 8 million tonnes per annum of wood fibre across its operations, in the form of logs, wood chip and hog fuel.

Pedersen Group officially unveiled a Nicholson A5 Series High Speed 35” Tandem Ring Debarker plant on Friday, 19 August 2022, to the press, industry leaders and customers. Debarking of wood is considered a reliable, environmentally friendly, and sustainable alternative to methyl bromide. The process is designed to remove the bark from tree logs removing the threat of insect pests.

The high-performance plant boasts an annual capacity of 600,000 tonnes. Safety was of paramount importance during the planning and construction of the plant, with no compromise. Durability is achieved with the integrity of the plant design.

The plant features a highly responsive six-knife arm per ring that controls pressure and improves precision debarking performance at high feed speed. Adjustable carbide inserted debarking tips suit seasonal bark removal requirements. An upgraded air system provides enhanced feed roll control and increased ring responsiveness for optimal high-speed debarking.

Source: Pedersen Group

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