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Since its release in 2018, LOGR eDockets have seen a meteoric uptake in the forestry industry. Now Enabled the innovation firm behind this platform, is again creating industry buzz with the release of LOGR Air. LOGR Air is a Multi-Party System that allows the whole supply chain to exchange data in real-time through a sophisticated set of APIs. Starting in the forest, through the haulage journey, continuing through the weighing process at the Mill or Scaling Port.

The creation of LOGR Air came by way of the Green Triangle Regional Working Committeewanting to: streamline processes for truck drivers, enhance safety, improve accuracy of datacapture and finally provide all parties almost instant access to this shared data. ‘The complexity of our region means truck drivers have to deal with the multiple differentsystems of each forest owner, and the multiple systems at each weighbridge / deliverylocation.’ explains Tammy Auld – Customer & regional Manager at Timberlands Pacific, ‘Weviewed that by working together and connecting these systems there would be much togain.’

Grant Hull – Chief Executive at Enabled notes: ‘Working with the Committee we saw vastupside potential of unlocking their digital ecosystem by making shared data a reality for thewhole supply chain, whilst remaining interoperably with their separate “owned” data systems’which include many different weighbridges systems.

The weighbridge, a common point of shared pain and also one of the most dangerousprocesses requiring drivers to exit their trucks to manually process weighing. The RegionalWorking Committee’s case study was first installed at the Portland Scaling yard. At thislocation LOGR Air also achieves a wireless weighing process supporting Haulers for OneFortyOne, Green Triangle Forest Products, and Timberlands Pacific.

To process automatic and wireless weighing, LOGR Air interfaces with any existingweighbridge to capture the stable weight, then it identifies the weighing truck by numberplate recognition cameras and matches the weight, the Driver and their correspondingdelivery docket. This is presented as a digital recipe to the Driver who can confidentlyconfirm successful weighing. This receipt is also cryptographically signed for authenticity andmade available for each stakeholders’ records via the API.

The Air service is compatible with a number of electronic docket systems including TrimbleWSX and LOGR eDockets. “By supporting the two leading electronic docketing solutions used at Portland in WSX and eDockets, we’ve created a common weighing process for all Drivers and in doing so open additional opportunities such as providing inbound delivery notifications and integration pathway for onsite scaling” Grant highlights.

Summarising the achievement at Portland, Tammy recognises that “We all exist in a jointdata ecosystem, and within that ecosystem the more we can leverage shared data, thegreater the total benefit is.” Beyond the successful trial site, LOGR Air now supports wireless weighbridge integrations at Portland Scaling yard, Portland Chip Terminal, Albany Chip Terminal, Longreach Chip Terminal, Surrey Hills Chipmill and Tumut Pulpmill.

HarvestTech April 2021

Note: Chief Executive Grant Hull spoke at the two-yearly wood harvesting event, HarvestTECH 2021 about the Portland scaling yard case study.

LOGR as a Weighbridge Solution

LOGR is covered by the National Measurement Institute approved pattern NMI S767 as aweighbridge for commercial trade point of sales system. LOGR provides weighbridge ownersand truck drivers an integrated wireless weighing process, without the driver needing to exittheir truck cab. LOGR services includes: LOGR eDocketsTM, LOGR AirTM, LOGR EdgeTM, LOGR Deliveries, LOGR Claims App and LOGR Logyard App.

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