Real deal for hydraulic servicing of forestry machinery

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Anyone who knows machinery understands the value of proper hydraulic servicing – especially now. It is a fast moving and demanding field of expertise, currently evolving ever faster and in terms of machinery sophistication that might astound its founding fathers, starting with the child prodigy, mathematician and physicist Blaise Pascal.

Pascal (for whom KPA is named) gave us in his short life (1623–62) the law that states that a change of pressure in an incompressible fluid is transmitted equally throughout the fluid. He used it to invent the syringe and a handful of early predecessors of hydraulic presses.

He was joined down through the by centuries by the Yorkshire inventor and locksmith Joseph Bramah (1748-1814) whose lock-manufacturing shop was a cradle of the British machine-tool industry fervour and focus for hydraulic press production during the early years of the industrial revolution.

Fast forward to the future and in recent times the performance, sophistication and operating pressures of hydraulic equipment have increased significantly, as have their service needs to maintain precision, safety, efficiency and time on the job. It is a never-ending upwards trajectory of new capabilities and precision servicing needs.

This is particularly true in the case of mobile hydraulic equipment, which can range up from the most basic forklift to the most sophisticated dragline, with every truck, earthmover, harvester, bulldozer, log loader, mulcher, forwarder, skidder, and on or off-road working vehicle which is critically dependent of hydraulics.

As a result, modern hydraulic equipment is not only more expensive to fix when it breaks down unexpectedly, but proactive maintenance is imperative to maximise service life and minimise operating costs. “For safety, efficiency, uptime and maximum machinery life, it has never been more important than now to have experienced people working on your valuable equipment, says Robin Simpson, Chief Executive Officer at Hydraulink Fluid Connectors Ltd.

“You have to have deep knowledge and great experience in this area to be able to see issues coming before they arrive. There are huge issues of safety, compliance, machinery knowledge, site knowledge, traceability and accountability involved in big machines.

For more details on a recent Hydraulink survey of more than 400 service points throughout New Zealand, Australia, South Asia and Eastern USA to see what they and their customers most valued in their relationship, click here.

Source: Hydraulink

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