Super-fast 10-minute electric car charging

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Despite the growing popularity of electric vehicles, many consumers still hesitate to make the switch. One reason is that it takes so much longer to power up an electric car than it does to gas up a conventional one. But speeding up the charging process can damage the battery and reduce its lifespan. Now, scientists report that they’ve designed superfast charging methods tailored to power different types of electric vehicle batteries in 10 minutes or less without harm.

The researchers presented their results at the August meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS).

“Fast charging is the key to increasing consumer confidence and overall adoption of electric vehicles,” says Eric Dufek, Ph.D., who is presenting this work at the meeting. “It would allow vehicle charging to be very similar to filling up at a gas station.” 

Dufek and his research team at Idaho National Laboratory used machine learning techniques to analyse the condition of many lithium-ion batteries during their charging and discharging cycles. Then predict battery lifetimes and the ways that different designs would eventually fail. The team then fed that data back into the analysis to identify and optimize new protocols that they then tested on real batteries.

Click here for the full article | Eurekalert

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