Video: Voice-operated heavy truck inspections

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Technology is now making truck inspections far easier. Schlumberger Trucks perform assisted inspections on heavy trucks and trailers using a head mounted tablet, the RealWear HMT-1.

Technicians use the voice-operated interface to log inspection results in real-time. The HMT-1 includes a 16mp camera that can visually annotate inspection steps to provide thorough documentation of the inspection process.

Upon a satisfactory step being completed, the application allows the technician to proceed to the next step. Unsatisfactory findings are sent to experts in real-time for faster resolution time. The head-mounted tablet allows for a hands-free inspection with detailed step-by-step instructions and an automated electronic log.

This new innovation is helping Schlumberger Trucks improve the speed and accuracy of their inspections.

Source and image credit: RealWear

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