Yamaha’s beefed-up unmanned helicopter can carry up to 50 kg

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Yamaha recently announced that the company has further strengthened the functions and performance of the industrial-use unmanned helicopter FAZER R G2. Specifically, the transport & delivery services have been enhanced by utilizing the automatic navigation version of the model to bolster the company’s response to the expansion of transportation and delivery requirements in the sector.

By changing the design and specifications of each part, such as increasing the diameter of the main rotor (rotor blade), FAZER R G2 achieves a maximum effective payload of up to 50kg (15kg improvement on conventional models). This new ability further contributes to solving problems in a wide range of industries, such as material distribution in mountainous areas and longer-distance deliveries outside of the range of view.

Solutions using industrial-use unmanned helicopters are expanding to a wider range of industrial environments such as the inspection of infrastructure including power transmission lines, surveying/observation, photography, and security etc. This has been especially evident in recent years as expectations are ever increasing for more solutions to logistical issues, and further efforts are being made for more social implementations in various fields.

The company has already put into practical use the transportation of power transmission line related materials, etc. by consignment for an electric power company, transported products from remote islands in collaboration with airline operators, and to mountainous areas in collaboration with home delivery companies.

The “1st Drone Summit” will be held at the Kobe International Exhibition Hall on September 1st and 2nd sponsored by the Cabinet Secretariat, Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Countermeasures Office, Hyogo Prefecture. At this event, Yamaha Motor will exhibit the FAZER R G2 delivery model under the theme of “Yamaha Motor Advances the Challenges for Sky Business -Changing Logistics from the Sky-“

The payload is one of the functions that has the greatest impact on the efficiency of delivery operations. In the new FAZER R G2, the thrust is greatly improved through the adoption of a newly designed large main rotor. The rotor with a radius of 1.8m, which conventional model was 1.56m, has been reshaped and includes excellent cooling performance along with thrust equivalent to an increase in payload of 10kg that is provided with the same output. In addition, by optimizing the fuel tank capacity and adopting a lightweight camera and lithium-ion battery, the unit achieves a maximum payload of 50kg, which is 15 kg more than the conventional model.

The conventional model required at least 29 flights to carry 1 ton of material, but the new model can complete the work in a minimum of 20 flights, contributing to a reduction of construction period requirements, costs, labor, etc.

Click here for the full press release and additional specifications | Yamaha

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